"I felt immediate muscle relief after I applied this product. Very helpful."

-- Jane, Brooklyn NY

"This is far and away the best muscle balm we have ever tried. Would never travel without it. It is so helpful for aches and pains and smells heavenly!"

-- Happy Customer

"This is great time to use this foot balm. You can't get a pedicure so why not try the next best thing. My feet are in good condition but I like to pamper them. It feels nice on feet to use this creamy and soothing foot balm."

-- Steven, Atco NJ

"[Lavender Body Butter] is my favorite among favorites of Patrick Smith Botanicals. It moisturizes deeply and thoroughly. The wrinkled upper arms smooth right out even as the skin firms. It works miracles on my hands and especially my feet. Thank you! (O yes, with PSB, there's no worry about spreading poison over my body.)"

-- Happy Customer

"Happy Lips! Like all of the products in the line, you only need a little. You'll get super soft lips with an additional bonus of its being a vegan product!"

-- Carolyn, Palmetto Bay FL

"For decades, I've been using a common skin cream found in stores. It seemed okay but I did a lot to try and cover up my blotchy skin. All my skin issues cleared up when I started using Patrick Smith Botanicals' Balance & Repair serum. I've been using it for a few years now and people say how good my skin looks. No coverup needed ever again. I'll admit, I tried going back briefly to my old skin cream and the blotchiness came up. Lesson learned. I will always use Patrick Smith's all-natural serum, which is obviously healing to my skin."

-- Patience, New York NY

"Ordering from Patrick Smith Botanicals is a very enjoyable and personal experience, especially compared to my usual approach which is to order national brands desperately last minute from Amazon or to charge into a M.A.C. store at some mall while on a business trip with specific demands and not much time. Instead, with Patrick Smith Botanicals, I take my time on the website to see what is available and send Patrick a note if I need some advice from a licensed aromatherapist who is genuinely interested in finding ways to help. I choose a product and place an order and then am surprised when I receive a very human email response from the company letting me know when the order is being prepared and when it has shipped. When the order arrives, it's packed in a tidy box with dissolvable packing peanuts which secure the product but have low to minimal footprint. Accompanying the order are a number of small square cards explaining the product and how best to use it and providing playfully worded yet useful information. The bottle is simple and elegant on my counter-top, the surprise samples are generously sized, and the product itself has just the right consistency and therapeutic aroma to make it a staple of my nightly calming routine. Overall the customer experience is just commercial enough to where I can trust the ordering process and the product, but just personal enough that I can almost picture Patrick Smith himself in a white coat mixing the oils and assembling my order."

-- Angie, Atlanta GA

"I took advantage of the special rate for the trio. I also used the 15% discount code and qualified for free shipping. I thought I might give one away as a present but now I'm keeping 'em all! The rejuvenating serum is my fav!"

-- Carolyn, New York NY

"I received this product in the mail this past weekend and immediately began to use it. Wow! I have fair, reddish skin and don't like to use harsh washes on my face. Typically, I would only use a wash a couple of times a week and use water in between since my skin is so sensitive and other washes have left my face dry and tight. I have been using Patrick Smith's wash morning and night for the past week and not only does it leave my face feeling soft and fresh, it appears that the redness is fading. And, using my trusty 50X magnifying mirror (thanks hubby!) I see that my skin is definitely cleaner. I do believe that it takes several weeks to see a noticeable difference with skin care products but after the first week I am beyond thrilled with the results. As a side note, I love the branding/packaging of the product and feel that the bottle of wash I received will last for a while as only a pea sized amount is needed for each application. The handwritten note from Patrick was a nice surprise. It made me feel like he appreciates each and every customer! I look forward to trying the other products Patrick offers."

-- Beth, Brockton MA

"I travel a lot and find it difficult to get good rest. I use this [sleep] balm on my temples, pulse points, and below my nose to relax before bed. I have sensitive skin and am pleased that the balm has not irritated my skin. Love this product and it is perfect for travel."

-- Katie, Mount Pleasant SC

"I would highly recommend the “Sleep-Balm” which I have been using nightly for over a year, not only for those who have difficulty falling asleep, but for those who would simply love its soothing qualities and the subtlety of the aromas."

-- Barbara, State College PA

"Since my first introduction to your muscle oil, it has continued to astonish me with its effectiveness. When I tripped on an unfinished stair under renovation, I must have given myself a whiplash. The relief I got on my neck from your oil was amazing. I used it every day for the rest of my stay and have continued to use it for this with the same results as whiplash takes time to heal, as you know. As soon as I got home I picked up a nasty virus that had been going around. Do you know how effective your oil is on sore throats and swollen glands? And last week I hiked up to my mountain log cabin on snow shoes. I got caught in a heavy downpour at the end and came home soaked and full of aches as usual. The routine is now established. Hot bath and Patrick's magic muscle oil. Know that you have a customer for life. I will never be without it."

-- Elizabeth, San Carlos CA

"The muscle balm works so fast! I've used it on sore muscles and the occasional bruise to find that the pain and/or bruise has greatly diminished or disappeared!!"

-- Rebecca, New York NY

"The fragrance and feel of this serum is wonderful. Immediately calming and balancing to not only the skin but as an aromatherapy product as well. I'm in my late 30's and usually struggle with combination, acne-prone skin but it looks and feels great after a week of use. I still use a moisturizer for problem, dry areas on my face. I also add a drop of this serum to more argan oil and apply it to the ends of my long hair to smooth frizzies. Works wonders and smells beautiful."

-- Miriam, Blair NB

"I purchased Patrick’s three essential oils and have seen a dramatic difference within only a week. The red, dry, burning areas around my eye I had attributed to allergies have completely disappeared. The tone, coloring, and texture of my skin has been consistent, even, glowing, and calm. I wake up in the morning with confidence. My skin will be thanking you for years to come."

-- Nicolette, San Francisco CA

"I approach thinking about and using beauty aids/makeup right up there with shopping at the mall (that is, skeptically, only when I have to, and mainly not at all). The rose/geranium serum is the only oil/moisturizer that has really worked for me – ever! I love it and use it every day."

-- Deirdre, Katonah NY

"I have never tried essential oils before, but I used the oil last night, and I am happy to report that my feet feel so much better today. I am a true believer in essential oils and all natural products even more now!"

-- Kelli, Portland OR

"Please don't ever stop making your face serums! They have changed my life. Thank you, thank you!"

-- Lauren, Houston TX

"This my second order of this [Balance & Repair] serum. I found it a couple of months ago by chance and decided to give it a try since I was out of my usual skin care products. It only took a couple of days for me to start to notice it working and am so delighted to continue using it. Recently I was complimented on how soft my skin looked...Thank you!"

-- Ana Luz, Chicago IL

"Wonderful customer service and products. I have gone through many products for my face, and gone to see many estheticians and dermatologists to try and find something that would not irritate or cause problems. I suffer from many allergies as well. Finally there was something out there that worked for me, this [Rejuvenating Serum] is great for my face, love it! :) Patrick Smith Botanicals has been a life saver for me. Thank you so much!"

-- Robin, Los Angeles CA

"An absolute dream blend of aromatherapy!!! [The Sleep Balm] soothes me right to sleep."

-- Farah, Los Angeles CA

"Great stuff! Love it and good service."

-- Suzanne, New York NY

"I love the smell of this [Balance & Repair Serum] and how it makes my skin feel. Super quick shipment too!"

-- Madhu, Staten Island NY

"This [muscle] oil does the job! I use it right after a work-out and it reduces the aching in my back, arms, and legs. Goes on nice and easy too!"

-- David, Haddonfield, NJ