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About Patrick


I've heard it said that less is more.

New York City as a young actor

I began moisturizing my face in high school. Throughout college and to New York City as a young actor and then corporate-guy-turned-licensed-massage-therapist, I always took care of my skin.


Or so I thought.

Swedish Institute

Studying toward my degree in massage therapy at the Swedish Institute and subsequent certification in aromatherapy from Aromahead Institute, I learned just how amazing the body is and how we so easily hinder it from doing what it does best: balance. The body, when left alone, has a tendency to balance itself. When taking care of our skin, we (often unknowingly) disrupt that balance by using products that contain irritants and toxins. Why do this?!

rapid change

I made a rapid change, removing as many toxins from my environment as possible, from house cleaners to face cleansers, and replacing them with simple, easy to find, natural alternatives. I discovered the natural power of essential oils. And I felt a difference in my health, my general well-being, right away. My skin has never been healthier, and I feel great, overall.


So, when it comes to skin care, I agree: Less is more.