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New to Our Team: Haleigh Prather

Posted by Patrick Smith on

When I was looking for some marketing and research assistance for the summer, I looked no further than my alma mater, Vassar College. But I had a long list of requirements for a summer intern: understanding of organic chemistry, interest in natural health, good writing skills, and a good grasp of social media. Impossible, right? Wrong!

I was thrilled that Haleigh Prather submitted her resume. It turns out she brings all of this to Patrick Smith Botanicals. I'll let her introduce herself below. And keep your eye out for her postings and comments over the coming weeks. 

Please join me in welcoming our summer Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, Haleigh Prather!

Hello! My name is Haleigh Prather and I am a Pre-Med Chemistry Major currently studying at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY! I hope to one day attend Medical School and eventually establish a career in the medical field. I was born and raised in Glendora, CA which engrained in me a deep love for sunshine and avocados. My greatest treasures in life include: my 4 year old sister, all Disney movies, and classical music, and I adore spending my free time sipping coffee and watching cooking shows! I carry a number of principles close to my heart like supporting small businesses and emphasizing self-care in life ~both physically and mentally~ in order to stay happy, healthy, and balanced. Luckily, this internship with Patrick Smith Botanicals is the perfect opportunity to manifest these values and learn more about healthy and natural skin care! I'm excited to be working with them and can't wait to get started!